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Welcome to Future Of A Child - Adopting Communities and Impacting Young Lives.

Future of a child ("FOAC") is a not for profit organization that raises money for delivering resources to children in developing countries. FOAC was founded in 2008 and partnered with local churches and school districts in Oklahoma to carry out community development and outreach programs. In 2009, FOAC started overseas partnerships with not for profit organizations in India, Haiti, and Kenya.

Over the years, FOAC has had the great honor of accomplishing the following:

Building classrooms

Constructing facilities for orphanages

Delivering books and Christmas gifts

Raising funds for educator salaries

Paying for children's tuitions for learning trades

Sponsoring children

Organizing martial arts classes for character development in children and holding community events for families

FOAC continues to be engaged in these endeavors with deserving partners as the need arises.

For further questions about organizational operations, please contact us at


Dennis Mathew