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Because of the generous contributions of our Mustang Creek Elementary families through the annual "Hoops for Haiti" fundraiser, and our faithful donors in other parts of the United States, we were able to build a basketball half-court for our children at the Reach Haiti orphanage in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti. Here are some pictures.


FOAC also has the privilege of supporting this young lady with financial contributions, through our partnership with Reach Haiti.

Her story:

Esterline was born in the small, remote village of Dinni. She was near death when she came to the orphanage, extremely malnourished and severely underweight. She was nursed back to health after years of nutrition and undergoing open heart surgery in 2012. Esterline loves to play, dance, and sing and has such a big personality! She is a typical pre-teen now who loves fashion, being creative and crafty, and style. She lots of friends and is a natural leader when given the opportunity. Her birthday is November 22, 2004.

Esterline is in school in the 5th grade. She does well in school and enjoys it. All the kids go to school from 8:00am-12:00 pm during the day. This is normal for Haitian schools to go for a half a day. Then the kids come home to eat lunch and then do homework and chores in the afternoon. They also have time to play and hang out until dinner. They eat dinner and then go to bed fairly early because the sun rises around 5:00 am in Haiti so everyone gets up early. Esterline has grown up and matured over the past few years. She is no longer a little girl but a young lady now, with her big personality!

Esterline was severely malnourished when she came to Reach Haiti. She was very thin and Reach Haiti (RH) was unaware of her heart problem until about two years later. Her hair was almost blonde from malnourishment so RH also assumed her being underweight was also caused by malnourishment. Some of it definitely was, but she did not gain weight very fast even after coming to live with RH. She is still very thin but is growing taller and developing now. When she was born, her heart did not fully form and she was only functioning of 3 chambers instead of 4. She began to get tired often and needed naps throughout the day so RH took her to the doctor and for testing. This was when we discovered her heart problem in 2011. It took RH almost a year to find a surgeon in Haiti who would perform her surgery, but since it was done in 2012, she has thrived. Her energy levels are normal and she is a happy and healthy young lady now. Her heart doesn't cause her problems at this time. She is so full of life all the time and a very happy young lady.


MAISHA International

With the help of the Mustang Area Reading Council and Mustang Public Schools, Future Of A Child was able to hold a book drive for the MAISHA kindergarten classroom in Kenya. The book drive brought in approximately 1500 books. Below are a few pictures of volunteers sorting books to send them to Kenya.


Here are some pictures of the kindergarten that we helped build in Kenya with the funds raised through the 911 event. We were also able to raise funds for building furniture for the classroom after the 911 event; pictures of which are also posted below.

Kenya Classrom