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Adopt a Community, Impact a Young Life
FUTURE OF A CHILD, INC. is a family oriented, community based, not for profit organization that aims to strengthen communities by meeting some of the needs of the children and youth in those communities, which we believe we are called to meet. In accomplishing this task we also hope to bring together local entities such as businesses, schools, churches etc. that are willing to invest in families for the strength of their local community.

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free worksheet for kids for class 4 of cbse syllabus We finance wholly or in part and/or provide volunteers wholly or in part for the following needs in a community:

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Create safe and positive environments for the children and youth of the community to interact with peers and adults.

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Establish and maintain positive relationships with the children and youth of the community.

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Meet the academic needs of the children and youth of the community.  


We also organize events and support organizations and events that invest in the lives of children and youth for their overall well being be that academic, spiritual, emotional etc. and this may not be related to a community that we adopt.

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